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Please see our Frequently Asked Questions by most customers. If you don't find the answer to your question; please contact us right away. Call +231888881059 Banjoo HQ sales rep, during working hours in Liberia and call +231 777 651000 round the clock in Liberia as well. Banjoo USA & Canada region 404 428-2945. Australia 0470630074 All Banjoo Superstore numbers are also available on WhatsApp, Telegram, & IMO for easy customer experience.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How do Banjoo deliver in Liberia when Liberia don't have addressing system across the country?

Since 2016 Banjoo Superstore have deliver door-to-door across Montserrado county easily using  What3Word address system. Once a customer provide us the What3Word address for the delivery location, we deliver to their door step. Every 3 meter square across the world including locations in Liberia has a What3Word address. (like Zip code) Learn about What3Word, Get your What3World address here.

How can I pay?

For local orders; we accept payments via MTN mobile money, Orange Money, Ecobank Mobile App, Visa,  and Cash on Delivery. For international orders we accept payments via WorldRemit, SendWave, MoneyGram mobile wallet, CashApp, Zelle.

Payment via Mobile money (inside Liberia)

Paying with mobile money is very easy and sample. Upon checking out, once you click the "Place Order button", you will get a payment alert on your mobile phone prompting you to approve the value of the order. By entering your PIN, you are approving the transaction. Please note; It is very important that you enter the phone number of the mobile money wallet you want to pay from on the billing form. Example; if you are paying with MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) wallet, you must enter your MTN mobile phone number (088xxxxxxx or 055xxxxxxx) on the billing form;

Payment via WorldRemit, SendWave, CashApp, Zelle, Swish, Western Union, MoneyGram (outside Liberia)

If you are ordering from outside Liberia, please choose the appropriate payment option that works best for you. Once you place your order a full payment detail is email to you automatically.

Can I send money to my family member via Banjoo?

Yes, we can get your cash to family members in Liberia under two conditions; 1.) The cash is less than 250USD and the receiving family member has either one of the following Mobile money account. (MTN Mobile money, Orange Mobile Money). On their Liberian phone number. We do not pay cash outside Mobile money! 50 to 100 = 5; 101 to 200 = 10; 201 to 250 = 12. Funds are send to Mobile money wallet directly.

How can I send money to via Banjoo?

Only a Banjoo customer can send money via Banjoo! To send money via Banjoo to a love one in Liberia. Add the value of the fund to the total order value and state clearly in the Note section the following:
1) Full name of your family member cash is going to;
2) Mobile money number of family member cash is going to;
3) Total value you are sending to family member mobile money account;

Do you deliver outside Liberia?

Currently NO! We currently only deliver inside Liberia. Before Covid19 epidemic we often ship Liberian produce and locally made products  to the USA, UK, China, Canada, Australia and Ghana. We are optimistic  that after the Covid19 epidemic God will help us get to that level again.

Can I order on your website for love one in Liberia?

Yes! Liberians and others can order foodstuff, school supplies, baby supplies, cleaning supplies, office supplies, electronics etc for delivery in Liberia. Since 2016 Banjoo Superstore have served the Liberian diaspora, local and international organizations delivering supplies across Liberia.

What's the Delivery time?

All orders after before 12noon local time, gets same-day delivery. Large orders after 12noon local time are deliver on the next business day. Local pickup's for orders in Monrovia are available within 2 to 4 hours as of payment confirmation while Local pickup in rural cities is within 24 to 48hours.

Do you deliver across Liberia?

We cover Liberia but don't deliver across Liberia. We currently only deliver across Montserrado county and offer local pick up in 12 cities/towns across Liberia including: Marshall, Harbel, Kakata, Gbarnga, Buchanan, Ganta, Pleebo, Harper, Robertsport, Gbah, Voinjama, Zwedru and counting.

Why do some customers order delay?

Customers order delay up to 5 days for 2 major reasons; 1.) We leverage either What3word address or delivery contact phone number to make delivery. Some customers don't provide either thus making it difficult for us. In such cases we contact customer for either a phone number or What3word address. 2.) At times some customers provide incorrect phone number and email address. making it very difficult for us to reach them. It is very important that customers provide accurate information. Include in the order a phone number and or alternative phone numbers we can reach you on promptly.

How do I get prompt response concerning my order?

For prompt response concerning your order or orders, please call us. Call +231888881059 Banjoo HQ in Liberia sales rep, during working hours or call 231 777 651000 round the clock. Customers in the USA & Canada can call 404 428-2945. Australia 0470630074. All Banjoo Superstore numbers are also setup on WhatsApp, Telegram, IMO for easy customer experience.

Lib:231777651000 | US:404 428-2945

Also available on WhatsApp, Telegram, IOM. | Last Updated: 04/05/2020
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We deliver to homes/offices across Montserrado county & offer local pickup in 12 cities across Liberia (Marshall, Harbel, Kakata, Gbarnga, Buchanan, Ganta, Pleebo, Harper, Zwedru, Robertsport, Gbah, Voinjama & counting. Got question or need help. We are here to help. Chat with us now