Solar Works Home system (1year warranty)


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Solar Works Home system Enables you to work, read, and do homework using bright LCD light. 5 bright lights, each with its own independent switch. 120 lumen per light. Charges all mobiles, from the simplest model to the latest smartphone. Also charges mp3 players, and most notebooks and tablets. Includes a USB cable with 10 different connectors. Battery level and charge indicator so you know how much battery is left. Can charge fully in five hours. Switches automatically to other power sources in cloudy weather. High quality Lithium battery that will last a minimum of five years. No knowledge of electronics necessary, Includes a step-by-step manual and drilling templates to assist with the installation. 120 Lumen per lamp total of 5 lamps for 5 rooms. Independent wall switch for each lamp. Can power TV, Fan, Radio and Mobile. Total Light output Luumens 650


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