Waka Waka Power for Mobile phone charging (1years warranty)

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viagra 20 mg for sale Waka Waka Power for Mobile phone charging Full battery in 12-24 hours of good sunlight. Battery 2200 mAh, High Temperature LiPo. 1050mWatt solar panel 22% Sunpower cell 2 LED’s, 110 Lumen/Watt. Four light modes: energy save (150 hrs) medium (40 hrs), bright (20 hrs) & super bright (10 hrs). Micro USB-in (>0.5 A) & USB-out (>1,5 A). USB port for phone charging. Available colours: yellow & black. Dimensions: 121 x 17. Weight: ~ 200 grams.

1 review for Waka Waka Power for Mobile phone charging (1years warranty)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

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    enter Waka-Waka Power is one of the best solar lights I have every used in this 21st Century. I have one which is 7 months old and is still bright every time it charges. I have problem with the name though (Waka-Waka). The light is stronger than the name. The yellow color makes it visible at all time. In fact the one I have is water proof. Rain or Shine ” I just dey Waka Waka”

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